iBuild (Alpha v1.0+) can now be configured via a config file (description.ext) placed within the missions root directory.

Download: []

  1. Extract the downloaded .zip file to: Documents\Arma 3\missions
  2. Navigate to the extracted folder and open the description.ext file
  3. Tweak each config value to suit your needs

Set the id of the ‘Use Action #:’ each key will be mapped to. Must each be a unique value of 1-20!

ActionKey = 1;
PlotToggleKey = 2;

Define the default size of plots:

  1. 3×3 Grid
  2. 5×5 Grid
  3. 7×7 Grid
  4. Etc
PlotSize = 1;

Define the time (in minutes) when your iBuild structures will be saved to an iniDBI database.

AutoSave = 5;

Define custom item classes to use instead of the default iBuild ones.

Items[] = {"NMIB_PlotLease_Itm","NMIB_WoodPlanks_Itm","NMIB_WoodNails_Itm","NMIB_ScrapMetal_Itm"};